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Tory Brown

Growing up in Toronto, I have always had an innate passion for this amazing city, its diverse neighbourhoods and people, not to mention the extraordinary homes that can be found in Toronto. I am thrilled to have recently joined my sister, Tory Brown, who has been in the business for over 18 years.

In my previous life I used to work in the Nonprofit sector running events across Canada. There was a lot of moving parts to these jobs, lots of personalities, a plethora of special requests, intricate logistics, not to mention drop dead dates, which is interesting as it applies way more to Real Estate than I had ever imagined!

Each listing is much like an event, from the "prep" of timelines for de-cluttering, garbage removal, storage, cleaning, staging and photography… to the “production” which is when we are in market, with showings, Agents open houses, Neighbours Wine & Cheese, Weekend open houses and Social Media exposure.

For Buyers it is much like scouting an “event location” and the “planning and strategy” of how to get you the home you deserve. The focus is laying the “foundation” for what you are looking for, selecting the properties that meet your needs while focusing on properties that are within budget. What neighbourhoods are the right fit? Is the transportation accessible? What is the proximity to available amenities? Does this purchase make sense for your long term goals? And not to mention, in this market, knowing what will give you the upper hand to win!

I have always been a creditable person and will continue to maintain this attribute in everything I do. Tory and I believe in providing a service that is based on honesty, knowledge, passion, follow-up and professionalism. We offer full service to ensure that your experience is successful, seamless and stress-free. Whether you or someone you know might be looking to make a move, lease a property, invest, buy a first home, relocate or simply have some questions, we would be happy to help!

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